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I thought it would be cool to know whether my garage door is open or closed (security purposes at night) and to be able to control it remotely. So recently I started playing around in the world of electronics and Arduino when I came across this nifty little device called the NodeMCU board, which utilizes the popular IoT ESP8266 wireless module.

113990105-1 NodeMCU ESP8266 Development Board

This little development board can do most things a typical Arduino UNO can do, as well as have native wireless integration via the ESP8266 wifi onboard at only around $10AUD. This opens up a world of things we can do. So I got to working on building a small device that can tell me what state the garage door is in and to be able to remotely open/close it.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if anything goes wrong when using this guide to build a device…

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