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Info Tech

All things involved in IT including Networking and Linux stuff

DIY Home Automation: Coopener – Source code and IoT functionality

IoT functionality completed. Coopener is now centrally controlled and accessible by web.

DIY: Home theatre and network installation

Home theatre and computer network installation.

DIY Home Automation: Coopener – Hardware and OS installation

Raspberry Pi to Arduino communication using Python and serial comms.

DIY: Haptic compass band, revisited

Ever wanted to have a 6th sense?

DIY: Hacking a Riverbed Steelhead CX755

Install *nix on your Riverbed x55

Coming Soon! GRABBER – Tool to pull, sanitise and present data on Real Estate so you can make the right choice when buying!

This post is a placeholder for what is yet to come. Firstly, sorry for taking so long to add to this blog! It has been quite some time. I have built many projects in this time, but haven't updated them... Continue Reading →

Virgin Active gym class automatic booking script

Everyone loves going to the gym (well, maybe not everyone), but we hate it when all the good classes are always booked out! Argh! Well, not anymore! After recently joining Virgin Active gym in Sydney, Australia I quickly realised that... Continue Reading →

DIY: Complete Media System – PART 3 [Linux to Arduino comms]

The final steps to completing your project. In this final project post we will be discussing Two-way serial communications between Linux and the Arduino. Using BASH scripts to communicate Running Cron jobs to schedule the scripts At the time of... Continue Reading →

DIY: Complete Media System – PART 2 [Hardware and OS]

Want to build your own completely flexible and customisable, yet small and energy efficient home Media System? This is not a simple media server or NAS (Network Attached Storage), although it does that too. It is everything your run-of-the mill... Continue Reading →

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