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DIY: Complete Media System – PART 3 [Linux to Arduino comms]

The final steps to completing your project. In this final project post we will be discussing Two-way serial communications between Linux and the Arduino. Using BASH scripts to communicate Running Cron jobs to schedule the scripts At the time of... Continue Reading →

DIY: Complete Media System – PART 2 [Hardware and OS]

Want to build your own completely flexible and customisable, yet small and energy efficient home Media System? This is not a simple media server or NAS (Network Attached Storage), although it does that too. It is everything your run-of-the mill... Continue Reading →

DIY: Getting Netflix in Australia (or any other country outside USA that doesn’t allow Netflix)

What this blog entry is: Information on how I set up a [relatively] maintenance-free, reliable and cheap way of getting Netflix on my PCTV (PC connected to my TV), and any other PC on my network or connected to my... Continue Reading →

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