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DIY: Complete Media System – PART 3 [Linux to Arduino comms]

The final steps to completing your project. In this final project post we will be discussing Two-way serial communications between Linux and the Arduino. Using BASH scripts to communicate Running Cron jobs to schedule the scripts At the time of... Continue Reading →

DIY: Complete Media System – PART 2 [Hardware and OS]

Want to build your own completely flexible and customisable, yet small and energy efficient home Media System? This is not a simple media server or NAS (Network Attached Storage), although it does that too. It is everything your run-of-the mill... Continue Reading →

DIY: Complete Media System that fits in the palm of your hand – PART 1

I already have existing servers, but I figured it would be best to build an entire Media System which stands alone and try to make it as small, efficient and automated as possible. This way, the system can be replicated... Continue Reading →

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